Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The lazy student

Are you a lazy student? 
Quick signs to look for
1) You know the ITV daytime TV schedule off by heart
2) You own more than five boxsets
3) You have a favourite Loose Women panelist
4) You don't know how many dirty bowls/crockery/glasses are scattered about your room
5) You're not quite sure how to take a book out from the library
6) Wikipedia is the first point of call when starting an essay
7) Topshop is your homepage
8) You feel you've achieved something when you get to level five in Bubble Spinner

The typical lazy student in depth
Laura is eternally grateful to the ITV1+1 channel. Just how does everyone else get up in time to watch Loose Women at midday? Sprawled on the sofa, unflattering dressing gown on, she watches more daytime TV than the loneliest of old ladies. Indeed it isn't until the Alan Titchmarsh show comes on at 3.oo that Laura has moved, and finally has her bowl of coco pops (since coming to uni, cereal now accounts for 90% of her diet. She hasn't used a knife since last year). Her one lecture a week is always missed, the intention is there, but  there's always something distracting on This Morning (ie what Holly is wearing), and she claims she learns more Sociology by watching Jeremy Kyle than going to seminars on the social-conflict theory. In one term there was a lecture at 10am; she switched modules. Laura will of course write a dissertation on feminism in Sex and the City, scraping a 2.1 by watching boxsets all day - 'it was really useful to compare it with Friends.'

Despite having 'soo much work on,' she can miraculously summon up the energy to go on nights out four times a week, and spends from 4pm onwards solely getting ready (well fake tans do need time to set). Whilst Laura can never find any building on campus, she knows exactly where every club is in town. Pumping herself full of own brand vodka, this is the one time she's not actually wearing a hoody and stained pyjama bottoms.  In the sea of half used make up, dirty cups and wrinkly bras that fill her room floor, she chooses just which too revealing Primark dress to wear...only for it to come off a few hours later, when she brings back the latest fancy from Sports night. Spending all of the next day stalking him on Facebook on her crumb ridden greasy, laptop, that essay will just have to wait another day. Time for a nap?

How to stop being a lazy student
Worried this is you? Here's how to stop being a lazy student 
1) Re-establish awaking in the first half of the day 
2) Go to the library and do some work (on your own, and without frequent coffee/looking at the Daily Mail website breaks)

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